Planning a wedding is a huge and sometimes stressful task. Many brides have the misconception that a wedding planner is just another fee to fit in the budget. However, hiring a wedding planner can actually save you money, and time!

A wedding planner will help in the research process. Searching through venue and vendor websites is time consuming. Your wedding planner may have a list of venues that fit your needs, or will be able to find one for you. She will also be able to help you set up and stick to a budget. Your planner can also set up viewings, tastings, or vendor meetings; all you will need to do is show up and make the decisions. She can also help you to make decisions or suggest colors and themes when you are stumped. Our business is weddings, and our goal is to make yours the best it can be.

Wedding planners are well organized and a great resource for all your wedding questions. This organization can help to keep you calm and stress free. Without the stress, you can stand back and enjoy the process of planning the details of your wedding. Another misconception of having a Wedding Planner is that you will not be in control of your wedding. In fact, a wedding planner only makes arrangements and suggestions, the decisions are completely yours to make.

There are many advantages to hiring a wedding planner that makes them well worth the expense. Not only can she save you money, time, and eliminate stress, a wedding planner takes the problems away, and makes wedding planning a fun and enjoyable experience.
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